Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Favourite Summer Outfit

Summer outfit's are easy to find. There are so many options that you can choose from, like dresses, shorts, shirts, and a wide selection of shoes.

My favourite Summer outfits are sundresses. Most sundresses come in many colors as simple as white, to as severe as florescent green.

I don't like shopping at over-priced stores, so I usually shop at stores like American Eagle, Areopostale, Kohl's, Garage or Stitches for casual dresses.

Accessories? Well the best accessories for a sundress to me is a long necklace, aviators, and colorful earrings and bulky bracelets. These accessories turn a plain sundress into a bright, fun, and stylish outfit.

Shoes? I think, as you may know from one of my older posts, that the best shoes for a sundress are gladiators. Gladiators can come in many different styles, and shapes. If you really want to make your outfit pop, try really bulky gladiators with a lot of straps.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fashion Flashback!

In the early 1900's, Woman would wear simple white dresses, gowns, or shirtwaist blouses. The early 1900 style was to show off the womans tightly corseted torso, such as tight fitting clothing. Women would also wear very high and bulky hats to match their particular outfit.
Since the clothing was so tight, women had to get there clothing specially made for their body types.

Now, in 2009/2010, Woman wear anything and everything from dresses, shorts, jeans/pants , shirts, blouses, long sleeve shirts, sundresses, and capris. Woman today wear any color, from blacks and whites, to bright
oranges, pinks, and greens.
Fashion flashbacks are sometimes good, because the fashion back in the 1900's were very special and well-prepared. You see celebrities today wearing similar outfits as the Women would in the 1900's, but an updated, and more colorful version.
So, if you see in your closet an old white dress that your Mom picked out for you that you have never worn, and have been tempted to purposely stain it because you hate it so much, try adding some colorful accessories to it, and get permission to use the sewing machine, and maybe cut off a few peices to make your plain, white dress and fabulous and stylish dress!

New Herbal Essences Hair Products!

I have always used Herbal Essences for my hair. It always makes my hair shiny, and healthy. And best of all, your hair smells really good after you use it. I always get compliments on the smell and look of my hair.

Herbal Essences products have many different uses. Some are for dry hair, curly hair, straight hair, ex.

Some of these products include:

1. Dangerously Straight (For a straight style), which comes in pink bottles.

2. Drama Clean (For a clean, fresh smelling look), which comes in a green bottle.

3. Hello Hyrdtaion (Mousturizing) This is the product I use! It has a scent of coconut.

4. Color me Happy (For color treated hair)

5. Breaks Over (To protect against broken hair)

6. Body Envy (For volume)

7. Long term relation (For Long hair)

8. No Flakin' Way (To prevent dandruff)

9. None of your frizzness (Friz control)

10. Totally Twisted (For curls and waves)

11. Toulse me softly (For a tousled look)

Herbal Essences, along with there long list of shampoo's and conditioners, also have hair styling products that include the following:

1. Set me up stylers (For styling hold)

2. Shimmery Nights (For a shimmery style)

And much more.

As you can see, Herbal Essences has a long list of hair products to suite your hair's needs. The great thing about Herbal Essences is that they make the products for every hair type.

So, if you are looking for some new hair products, definitely consider Herbal Essences as one of your options.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Top 10 Must Have's Of Summer '09

If the title doesn't give enough information, here is my list of Summer Must Haves of 2009:

1. Banana Boat Sunscreen; Ultra Defense 80 UVA/UVB

2. Colorful, Over sized Handbags

3. Aviators

4. OPI Nail Polish

5. Yellow Sundress

6. Clairol Renewal 5X Shampoo and Conditioner

7. Gladiators

8. Cut-out swimsuits

9. Havaiana Flip-flops

10.Sarah Dessen's new novel, Along for the Ride.

Hottest Summer '09 Shoe

If there is one type of shoe you can buy, what would it be?
I found it hard to answer that question myself after my friend had asked me that question.
After putting forth a lot of thought into the answer, I decided that I would buy the Gladiator Sandal. The good thing with these shoes is you can wear them with almost anything. You can wear them with a cute sundress, or even as simple as a pair of shorts.
Where can you purchase Gladiators? I bought my pair of gladiators at "Spring", but lots of other stores sell them from 20-60 dollars like Aldo, Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, and even as simple as Pay less Shoes.
Next time you are looking for a cute, comfortable summer shoe, make sure you check out the gladiators, as they bring style to simple, easy outfits! And best of all, they aren't very expensive, depending on where you buy them.
Enjoy! (:


Give me some ideas now, DO SOMETHING, Give me something, I am dying here! SILENCE. Is this good?

. . .

As you can see, I am a lost for words on how to start this Introduction. My friend Iryna says it's best to start with the basics, so that's what I'm going to do.

NAME: Karissa
BLOG NAME: Lights, Camera, Fashion!
PURPOSE OF BLOG: To educate people about fashion and beauty, and also to practice my writing skills.
HOBBIES: Sports: Swimming, Soccer..., Reading.

I hope this gives you an idea of what you will read on this blog.

P.S. Iryna helped me write this. :)