Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick Update! 8-)

I just wanted everyone to know that Taylor Swift won the contest! Mostly everyone voted for her because of her fresh and unique outfits. But for everyone who didn't, that's still okay, because I broke those 3 celebrities down because I think they ALL have a great sense of fashion.
Unfortunately, it looks like yet again, I will be going away until Friday 24th. And, then that following Wednesday I will be away at my cottage, so more likely than not, I won't be able to post anymore posts until the first week of August! :(
Sorry for any inconvenience!
Also, I am thinking of totally re-doing my blog. As in, maybe add beauty into one of my main topics as well. I am thinking more makeup and fashion, because in the past few months I have spent my time on the computer looking at videos and learning more about makeup/beauty. And it has become one of my favourites, besides fashion.
So, basically summarizing what I just said, I am HOPEFULLY, going to be making my blog just not about fashion, but also about beauty.
Make sure you comment and tell me what you think of that idea, because I am debating whether or not to do that. But I can tell you that I am beginning to know a lot more tricks, tips, and styles of beauty.

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  1. I really think that you should do whatever you want! If you want to talk about beauty, then talk about beauty! If you like sports, then talk about that! I wouldn't mind if you did a post on LUSH either . . . ;)