Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fashion Flashback!

In the early 1900's, Woman would wear simple white dresses, gowns, or shirtwaist blouses. The early 1900 style was to show off the womans tightly corseted torso, such as tight fitting clothing. Women would also wear very high and bulky hats to match their particular outfit.
Since the clothing was so tight, women had to get there clothing specially made for their body types.

Now, in 2009/2010, Woman wear anything and everything from dresses, shorts, jeans/pants , shirts, blouses, long sleeve shirts, sundresses, and capris. Woman today wear any color, from blacks and whites, to bright
oranges, pinks, and greens.
Fashion flashbacks are sometimes good, because the fashion back in the 1900's were very special and well-prepared. You see celebrities today wearing similar outfits as the Women would in the 1900's, but an updated, and more colorful version.
So, if you see in your closet an old white dress that your Mom picked out for you that you have never worn, and have been tempted to purposely stain it because you hate it so much, try adding some colorful accessories to it, and get permission to use the sewing machine, and maybe cut off a few peices to make your plain, white dress and fabulous and stylish dress!


  1. DIY!! I love Do-it-yourself!! However, if I tried to use the sewing machine I'd probably end up breaking it . . .

  2. LOL Iryna, I can just see you breaking it, thats why I said to get your parents to help you, didn't I? :P :) =]