Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Favourite Summer Outfit

Summer outfit's are easy to find. There are so many options that you can choose from, like dresses, shorts, shirts, and a wide selection of shoes.

My favourite Summer outfits are sundresses. Most sundresses come in many colors as simple as white, to as severe as florescent green.

I don't like shopping at over-priced stores, so I usually shop at stores like American Eagle, Areopostale, Kohl's, Garage or Stitches for casual dresses.

Accessories? Well the best accessories for a sundress to me is a long necklace, aviators, and colorful earrings and bulky bracelets. These accessories turn a plain sundress into a bright, fun, and stylish outfit.

Shoes? I think, as you may know from one of my older posts, that the best shoes for a sundress are gladiators. Gladiators can come in many different styles, and shapes. If you really want to make your outfit pop, try really bulky gladiators with a lot of straps.


  1. Hey! I like flourecent green!!

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  5. So, I was on a hunt for yellow dresses and an image from your blog brought me here. Do you know any details about the top middle salmon-y dress? I need to own that...